Ranger, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Grenada, 1983
Operation "Urgent Fury" lasted less than a week. Two days after the Rangers landed at Point Salines, all military objectives were achieved on the island, an operation that required 5,000 paratroopers, 500 Rangers, and 500 Marines as well as special support units. Although considered a victory, in reality the operation was less than spectacular. Intelligence was poor. Enemy troop strength was not accurate and U.S. soldiers had to rely on tourist maps. Planning between the joint forces resulted in an overly complex plan and overlapping objectives. Fortunately, the lessons learned in Grenada would pay dividends in future U.S. conflicts.

This Ranger's weapon is the M203 rifle/grenade launcher which combines a pump-action 40 mm grenade launcher with a standard M16 rifle. He carries the grenade rounds in the M79 grenadier's vest, developed for use in Vietnam. It is made of nylon mesh for ventilation and cotton duck and holds 24 rounds in individual pockets across the chest.

Unlike the rest of the Army, he wears the plain olive drab M1951 patrol cap, with its distinctive "crush," unique to the Rangers. The front of the cap bears the "Ranger" tab and airborne wings.