History debates the origin of the name "Doughboy" which pre-dates the Civil War. Some theories point to the mud or adobe-covered soldiers in the Mexican War, or the globular shaped buttons worn by the infantry which resembles American dumplings or perhaps from the Pipe Clay uniform polish which causes a "doughie" appearence when the uniform becomes wet. Just as unclear is the disappearence of the name after the war giving way to a new name, "GI."

This "Doughboy" wears the new M1917 helmet replacing the M1911 camapign hat. The M1917 helmet successfully reduced the amount of casulties suffered from artillery shrapnel. Enlisted men wore spiral puttees that consisted of a long strip of woolen fabric wound around the legs from the ankles up with a tape tucked in at the top. His gasmask bag can be worn over the shoulder at the hip or over the chest. He carries the M1903 Springfield rifle and a Mk I trench knife.
"Doughboy", France, 1917-1918