Army Ranger, 1st Ranger Battalion, Arzew, Algeria, 1942
The The 1st Ranger Battalion went into the war as a unit for the first time on the early morning of November 8 1942, when it landed in French North Africa spearheading Operation Torch. The Rangers made a surprise night landing at the port city of Arzew, quickly overwhelming the main coastal defenses, and capturing its docks with a direct assault. These actions opened the way for the 1st Infantry Division to capture nearby Oran. They accomplished their mission with the cost of only one Ranger life.

This Ranger wears a wool shirt and pants. Wool gave the fast moving Rangers a measure of warmth during the cold desert nights, thus eliminating the needs for blankets. White armbands on both arms were worn as a means of identification for both Allied forces and the Vichy French.