I'm a history nut. I've always been interested in military history and the history of uniforms. I started this collection back in 1995. I thought it would be interesting to assemble a collection such as this by blending all the different brand figures into one theme and showing the 250 year evolution of the American uniform.

I have over 300 figures in my collection. It continues to grow. With a few exceptions, the figures represent a history of U.S. Army and USMC infantry uniforms. I really wanted to focus on the history of the American infantryman and bring the evolution of the American combat uniform to life in 1/6th scale. Every once in awhile I'll get a question asking why I don't have sailors or any other organizations represented. For me it's the interest and the stories behind the soldier on the ground. So far I think the limited scope has allowed me to create a unique collection and perhaps the only collection of its kind. 


I also tried to make the uniforms accurate through research. Each figure in my collection has been documented. Of course, the internet was helpful, but nothing beats a few good books. Perhaps one of the most helpful, was "The American Soldier" by Philip Katcher. Several of my "kitbash" ideas came from this book. I was fortunate to buy the book on clearance for $20 back in 1990 not knowing I'd be using it so much a few years later.  Many of the uniforms/equipment are by Hasbro GI Joe, 21st Century, Dragon, Blue Box and Soldiers of the World and can be found in most toy stores or over the net toy stores. Several uniforms and items were custom made from individuals whom I've met in person or on the internet. A few items I crafted myself.
About My Collection
In the spring of 2001, I created this website, because the online album my collection was on, Zing.com, went out of business. After a year on Zing, my collection was almost entirely posted, when I read the news. Forunately, I found this to be a more creative way to display my collection. Here are a couple of pages from my old Zing album.

In June 2002, this website was selected
Yahoo Pick of the day. I got over 4,100 hits in one day.

In July 2002, this website was featured in
USA Today and Indonesia's Detik.com.

I also enjoyed putting together this website especially researching the little snippets of history. If you were to start viewing from the beginning pages and continue through to the end you may feel as if you just walked through 250 years of American military history. I found that each uniform tells a story. I hope this site will help the visitor better appreciate the American soldier and most importantly allow us to not forget the ones who didn't make it home.

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Pictured above are two of my three cabinets. Each are filled and are displayed in chronological order.